Gold Age Power List

The Judges

Lynne Berry

Lynne Berry – Chief Executive WRVS

"Too often our society writes people off when they get past standard retirement age. Older people are seen as frail, a burden or a drain on society’s resources.

The reality is that older people make a significant economic and social contribution to our society.

The publication of this Gold Age Power List is part of our wider drive to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions of older people. We aim to challenge people’s views about retirement and demonstrate the impact older people continue to make today - with many individuals on the list leaders in their respective fields, despite being well over retirement age.

At WRVS we believe that our society must wake up to the positive contribution that older people make. We must value, recognise, and capitalise on this contribution. Only through this will we achieve our ambition of making Britain a great place to grow old."

Jenny Eclair

Jenny Eclair - comedia and writer

"I am proud and pleased to be able to do some work with WRVS – this is an underestimated organisation who should be applauded for the fantastic work they do. All of us are getting older and some of us will fall to pieces quicker than others - WRVS provide some of the kindest and most efficient helping hands to those who need it most. I was honoured to be invited to join the Gold Age Power List judging panel and have a hand in making sure very deserving individuals were recognised for the incredible influence they continue to have."

Geraldine Bedell

Geraldine Bedell - Editor, Granset and writer

"This year, WRVS has already made a powerful contribution to tackling the ageism endemic to British society. In March, the charity – which has the aim of making Britain a great place to grow old – published the WRVS Gold Age Pensioners report, showing that people over the age of 65 contribute £40bn a year net to the UK economy.

That came as a surprise to many – as, we hope, will some of the names on this Power List of 66 people over the age of 66, men and women who are notable for their continuing contribution to British life."

Mike Locke

Mike Locke - Volunteering England

"People give their time and energy to helping others throughout their lives, and I’m really delighted to play a part in celebrating this."

Gillian Easson

Gillian Easson - Nesta

"I was delighted to take part in what was a very difficult task of selecting from a truly inspirational list of people. I believe it is important to celebrate the incredible achievements of our older local heroes in communities across the UK, who although they never seek it, deserve this recognition for their dedication and hard work."

Katherine Whitehorn

Katharine Whitehorn - writer

"Half the people on the list we don't think of as old at all; our ideas about "age" are half a century out of date. There's a much difference between someone still working flat out at 60 and a ninety year old in sheltered housing as between a teenager of 15 and her 45 year old aunt. And even the 90 year old can be amazing."

Lindsay Nicholson

Lindsay Nicholson - Editor, Good Housekeeping

"The task of choosing between so many vibrant and life affirming candidates was by no means easy. But it certainly brought home just how much our society depends of the combination of ability and experience that men and women past the traditional retirement age have to offer."