Gold Age Power List

Terms & Conditions

  • Nominees and winners need to be aged 66 or older as of 30 May 2011.
  • Nominations for a local hero for our 66 over 66 Powerlist must be received by 30 May 2011. Entries received after that date unfortunately cannot be accepted.
  • Information provided by you will only be used for the purposes of the Gold Age Pensioners campaign unless you have allowed us to keep your details for other purposes.
  • If selected into the 66 over 66 Powerlist, details of your nominee will be published on this website and be celebrated in local and national press and other promotional channels.
  • As a rule candidates must also reside for the majority of the year in the UK and have contributed their service to the UK. They do not have to be a British national.
  • There are no prizes or financial rewards for nominations or winners as WRVS is a charity.
  • The judges' decision is final.

Judging process – national categories

All potential candidates to the 66 over 66 Powerlist will be judged according to the list of attributes listed below. Candidates must demonstrate the following in their respective field - including business, arts and media, sport and adventure, charity and campaigning. :

  • Exceptional contribution within Britain
  • Continuing influence / impact within sphere
  • Influence beyond sphere
  • Lengthy career span
  • Highly esteemed reputation
  • Respect among peers
  • High profile (where possible)
  • Reside majority of the time in Britain (don’t have to be British national)

Judging process – local hero category

All potential candidates in the local hero category will be judged on their current or recent:

  • Contribution to making Britain a great place to grow old
  • Contribution to their local community
  • Contribution to the regional or wider
  • Through paid work or volunteering or a combination